Chanelle, 21, I miss a lot of my spn friends, so I wanted to put this back up so I could talk to you guys.

I was looking at my dash the other day and someone said priests in panties so yeah
I honestly have no excuse at this point :D
however, angels are not to be worshipped. [x]

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This is going to sound really dumb, but I haven’t been on here since supernatural started because I forgot which email was associated with this account =|

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Anonymous said: really? commenting on a gifset that had nothing to do with shipping, you had to add a Destiel shipping comment? that's what tags are for - NOT for adding to a post.

i’m not sure what you are referring to considering I have done nothing of that nature. Try again.

Anonymous said: where's all your fanfic?

It all got lost when I deleted but i’ll reupload what i can.